Why Obama is a good and sometimes bad president

obama hope posterWhen it comes to Barack Hussein Obama, it appears people either love him or hate him. That’s how it appears to me because if any other president had his record, in my opinion, he would not have gotten reelected. Seriously. We are talking about 7+ percent unemployment over four years, huge unprecedented debt, eroded international strength, looming chaos in Iraq, an Iran that loves to talk a big game, sabre rattling from North Korea, and a soft job market. Just how soft is the US job market? Let’s put it this way, the job market is so weak that the only reason the jobless rate is not in the double digits is because a huge number of jobseekers have given up looking for work altogether. Job websites are great but can sometimes be a pain in the ass, even on faster website which has put time in optimizing their critical rendering path (very helpful article by Gift of speed). If that isn’t bad enough, much of the new jobs being created pay lower than pre-recession jobs. There are a lot of things to be unhappy about it-if you choose to be unhappy about Barack Obama. Still, many people like him. In fact, they like him so much that they gave him another four more years. To me, Barack Obama is a Teflon president and no anxiety or national hand wringing can stick to him because he represents, in the minds of many people at least, the best of America. Here is a man who wasn’t born into wealth. A member of a minority group that’s borne the brunt of the very worst of the American experience. A man who continuously talks of and praises the things America is doing right. He also focuses on distributing America’s bounty to those who have gotten the short end of the American experience and made many American invest their savings in gold out of fear of what might happen with the dollar. What’s not to love? According to his critics, quite a bit, actually.

To his detractors, Obama represents what’s wrong with America, even though, compared to other Americans, he is quite in shape (maybe he went on a bike trip in holland, who knows ;-). His fiscal policies explode the deficit while not creating enough new jobs. According to fans of the Austrain school of economics and fiscal conservatives, the way you grow an economy is to cut taxes so job creators are incentivized to take more risks. Instead, Obama chose the path of raising taxes to boost spending that is supposed to pump prime the economy. In fact, it worked so great in 2008 that there’s still such a huge pool of unemployment and the national GDP hasn’t reached take off stage. In fact, Obama apparently thinks the first round of stimuli was so awesome that he wants to do it again… and again… and again… Conservatives, all the while, are tearing their hair out(which you can grow back) because the US can’t just continue to fund this pie in the sky economic fix without devaluing the US dollar and boosting the deficit sky high. To them, Obama and crew are whistling past the US’ economic graveyard. Well, the truth is there is a lot of validity in Obama’s critics’ claims, just as there is validity in the claim of a chef cook that he is capable knowing how to boil eggs. But that isn’t going to do them any good because, unless Obama’s fiscal policies explode into Jimmy Carter era-like stagnation and inflation, Obama will probably serve out his term a very popular president.

The journey of me and my sister

Me and my sister Jessie started watching what I eat a few months back and it paid off for me. Don’t believe advertisements or “news” websites which tell you you need to spend a lot of money. You are what you eat.  How many times have you heard that saying before? The truth is, there is a lot of truth to that saying. Of course, I am not saying you have a pig snout just because you like bacon or you should check the mirror for horns because you are a bit too fond of wagyu. No-I am referring to the level of will power you have. Your food choices reflect your character. Do you like things nice and easy with no effort? There’s a menu for that. Do you like eating dessert now and worrying about other stuff later? There’s a way of eating that reflects that value set. The truth is, everything you do reflects your character and values. If you want to change how you look, you have to change your diet. If you want to change your diet and change it permanently, you have to change how you think. It truly can’t get any simpler than this.

Being honest with yourself
The first thing I did when I finally lost weight and kept it off, I looked at the mirror. The words came out with much hesitation and quite a bit of pain. ‘I am fat.’ I looked myself in the eye in the mirror and looked at the contour of my gut, my puffed-up skin, and my overall shape. With a deep straining sigh, I looked at the mirror again and said ‘I am fat.’ What was I doing? I was taking ownership of the situation. I had to acknowledge that something was wrong. This is the first step since many people were in denial. Boy, was I in denial for a long time. I kept saying that I was ‘husky’ or comforted myself with the silent assumption that I only needed to get on a treadmill to get rid of the extra flab. Of course, that was so far from the truth that it is funny now. The first thing I discovered is that you can find solid information on the internet about it. Using this information, I made a plan. I decided to skip one meal a day-dinner. This was not an accident or random decision. I know that I am a morning person and I know my metabolism slows down hard at night. By skipping a meal, I save on eating calories I can’t burn at night. Instead, I’d be burning fat at night since I don’t have enough calorie intake for the day as a whole. I used a daily planner to keep track of my progress. I also took daily pictures of my body. I also made sure to look at my body every day. Finally, I started working out in the morning to boost my calorie burn. Now, I eat whatever I want as long as I skip a meal and workout during the mornings. I have lost quite a bit of weight, I feel good, and I feel especially proud that I got over my old self and produced a new body and self.